Group Capabilities

CHG Group are first choice for turnkey or single-stage process and asset performance improvement, system, technology and product development, systems engineering, asset management and digital transformation. We have a strong track-record of finding elegant solutions to difficult problems and excel in collaborative working. We have a service offering that covers the whole product and project lifecycle and a strong product-base that can be moulded for any solution. We have our own open remote condition monitoring solution, innovative products and services to suit all needs.  


Research & Development

CHG Group have a long track record of delivering high-quality, cost effective R&D for industry partners across the spectrum. From partnering with academic institutions, railway infrastructure companies and supporting major corporate technology OEMs, CHG Group have delivered a diverse array of projects in the R&D space. From designing experimental test rigs for railway switch and crossing reliability studies, novel safety-critical control systems control, comms and real-time data capture systems for equipment environmental testing to performing applied research on emerging communications media, we have the ingenuity to develop programmes and systems to deliver effective R&D.


Process Analysis

Our team are experts in analysing and improving processes for the purpose of safety, project, business, technical and operational improvement. We are licensed vendors of Arena Discrete Event Simulation but are experienced in many other simulation and modelling programs. We can scientifically assess business case assumptions, capture requirements from process analysis, perform wholesale lifecycle improvement projects, provide root-cause analysis and generate specifications. We are Lean Six Sigma practitioners experience in DMAIC, DMADV and DFSS, process engineers, analysts, statisticians and modelling, simulation and emulation experts.


Product and System Reliability

In addition to our process analysis techniques, we are skilled in the use of techniques for root cause analysis of equipment and systems failure. Using both qualitative and quantitative techniques such as Design for Reliability, block and P diagrams, FMEA/FMECA, FTA, RAMS analysis, Reliability Centred Maintenance, SPC, PoF, DoE, Environmental and Accelerated testing and process and Human Error Analysis we have all the tools and experience to guarantee improvement.


Digital Twin and Machine Learning

In addition to our process, product and system analysis and reliability service offering, we have successfully developed Digital Twins and implemented Machine Learning into our systems to excellent effect. Using our technical, process, modelling and simulation expertise we have developed Digital Twins that have been used to assess business cases, modify designs to railway layouts, assess the safety of software, enable Very Short Term Planning (VSTR) on rail applications and capture requirements for large-scale automation projects. We have implemented Machine Learning into our Remote Condition Monitoring systems to allow for improved decision making and improved fault masking.


Rapid Prototyping & System Development

CHG Group have extensive experience of working collaboratively with clients to develop agile processes for rapid prototyping and product and system development. We have the expertise to capture requirements, create agile designs and build and test equipment, systems and products. We are experienced in requirements capture and management and in applying innovative techniques to ensure that prototyping/experimental results are managed scientifically with evidence being admissible for product and safety acceptance. We are experienced in developing to recognised industry standards such as IEC61508, 62061 and 61511 for Safety Systems, IEC 62682 for Alarm Systems and the BS EN 5012(X) suite of standards for rail applications, including 50126, 8 & 9. We have successful experience of developing systems through the TRL and RIRL, DfR and Product Acceptance processes and have successfully passed multiple systems through the Systems Review Panel at Network Rail.


Software Development

We are experts in process control, automation and real-time automated data collection, analytics and visualisation from both modern and legacy equipment, including SIL rated systems, and have extensive experience of developing bespoke control, measurement, monitoring and data management and display systems. We are a Registered Certified Rockwell Systems Integrator and can deliver systems on Siemens, Brodersen, Mitsubishi, SCX, Panorama, Wonderware and many other PLC and SCADA platforms. We are experienced in both system and object-oriented programming and can program in any language including, VB, Java, C, C++, C#, .Net, SQL, Python, Rust, Lisp and many more. We are Microsoft Partners and are experienced in all aspects of server development and management and have experience of developing systems using the Azure Platform.


Protocol Development

CHG Group have wide experience of developing and delivering software and communication protocol conversions covering many different industries, with systems as diverse as Railway Signalling, Oil and Gas, National Energy Infrastructure and Water. We have been successful even in the most challenging of circumstances, dealing with antiquated or industry-bespoke systems with little background information to work with. We are experienced in using OPC classic and UA and have successfully developed many conversions in safety-critical applications


Design, build, test and commission

CHG group have a strong background in the design, build, install, test and commissioning of all kinds of electrical, mechanical and ICA systems. From heavy industrial, commercial, heritage, utility, transportation and safety-related we have strong, quality-controlled processes backed by experienced, innovative and professional Engineers, Designers, Installers, Testers and support staff. We have a fully equipped workshop big enough to cater for the largest builds and a well-equipped laboratory and testing facility that can be configured to test any kind of system. We are trusted framework partners on utilities frameworks spanning 5+ years, increasing our ability to deliver increasingly large and complex projects.


Lifecycle Asset Management

CHG have a long track record of providing whole-life management for equipment and systems deployed across a wide spectrum of business and industry. From supplying and maintaining heavy-duty laboratory equipment to managing software systems in the field, CHG Group can be trusted to deliver. We can provide asset surveys for control and monitoring systems, covering security and performance patches, firmware updates and remedial work following penetration testing. We can provide modification and upgrade services to existing systems and are licensed to handle waste to WEEE regulations.


Training and Development

We have large and well equipment training facilities where we can deliver all aspects of training across the product and project lifecycle. We can develop online training material, including briefing material with online assessment and have the facilities to host training providers wishing to provide a service to clients


Consultancy Services

 We offer a wide range of consultancy services, ranging from Digital Transformation Strategy and Planning, business improvement opportunity-sizing, process improvement, automation and control improvements, remote condition monitoring development and deployment and control, automation and monitoring system asset management. Our experience of designing, developing, installing, testing, commissioning and lifecycle management across diverse industries gives us unparalleled insight into successful strategies for improvement and technology planning, deployment and management.



 We have a range of products and services covering Internet of Things and Low Power, Long Range Communications networks. We have researched the technology extensively and have developed applications for Smart City, AgriTec, Transportation, Building Management, Assisted Living and Rail Applications. We have the knowledge, experience and capability to create bespoke systems to suit your needs


Vision Systems

We have our own platform and system for safety-related vision systems. This is currently in use in rail applications and across other secure applications. It is fully able to be integrated into building management systems, remote condition monitoring systems and control systems of any kind. We have the capability to bring this technology to bear for use in secure site monitoring, trespass, process monitoring, level crossing and rail access point monitoring, prison and secure facilities. It is also possible to integrate this into process and machine analysis projects to provide remote feedback on process execution and ease data collection activities.


Laboratory and Analytical Machine Supply, Support and Maintenance

We are the only company in UK and Ireland who can supply Tandem LIBS-LA-ICP-MS instrumentation, ideal for Research at Academic and National Laboratories, or indeed Quality Control at major manufacturing and technology companies. We supply and support an array of other laboratory equipment for use in steel, mining, quarrying and materials industries and provide market support for new entrants in the field.