From day one, CHG Group has always believed in the importance of social value, therefore since 2004 when the first company in our group was formed, we have actively been involved in charitable work, volunteering work and supporting local heritage.

As The Group has grown so has its social activities, over the last 5 years we have contributed over £50,000 in value to charities and communities. CHG are an active participant in local causes ranging from sponsorship of events, charity fundraising and provision of volunteer days to support local causes. We are also an activate member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, ensuring we are supporting the engineering and technology community, providing staff on the Local Network and providing mentorship, events and support to up-and-coming engineers and technology students. 

As of 2019 CHG Group became a proud sponsor of The B-Braun Sheffield Sharks Basketball Club and a local member of their team Marko Backovic, this is a privilege for us to be part of such a vibrant sport and team.

We are a firm believer in innovative staff development, with a strong apprentice program, sponsored University Students and a structured plan of diverse project working in order to develop our staff in the hard and soft skills required to be successful and fulfilled in our careers.

We have always believed in diversity and support of a wide demographic in our staff. We always seek to employ the best and provide the best opportunities for all our staff and believe in providing examples of this with both young and old, male and female staff in all key positions of the company from Director to apprentice.