The company was founded in 2004 by Peter Clarke in Sheffield. From an early age, Peter thought there was more to give than what was being experienced in the workplace and that there were so many opportunities being missed through a lack of vision, creativity and innovation from the supply chain. He firmly believed that there was a deeper level of transformation that could be created with the adoption of emerging digital, process and technological innovation and an opportunity to create large-scale change with an improved service offering to the client.

With this in mind the company was founded. The mission of delivering creative, exciting innovation, best-in-class service - with collaboration and practical affordability at the heart of the business - CHG primarily targeted the Paper and Water industries, rapidly developing a solid customer base that saw the company accepted onto frameworks and deliver innovative projects across a diverse set of business problems.

In 2005 CHG delivered their first project into the UK rail industry, delivering a high-end innovation to support award-winning scientific experimentation analysing the root-cause to point failures. This was quickly followed up in 2008 by delivering the UK’s most cost-effective and agile condition monitoring system to support a very high-profile business transformation, creating Asset Monitor, that has subsequently being deployed on every route in the UK rail network. In 2011 CHG created another system that was to go on and win an award, developing a secondary signaling system intended to provide a fallback system in case of primary signaling and power failures.

The group targeted growth through acquisition and partnerships, bringing Datech Scientific, CHG Mechanical and Future Research in to provide a full end-to-end service offering, affording clients the opportunity to choose a turnkey solution or specific service from the project/product lifecycle. Further Products were added to the portfolio, covering Machine Monitoring for manufacturing OEE, Digital Twins for process analysis and management and IoT/LoRaWAN for building management and Agri-Tec products to service a wider portfolio of industries.

More recently, continued innovations and best-in-class service delivery saw the company increase its footprint in the water industry by moving up to higher-level frameworks, deliver large-scale systems into UK rail and deploy innovative products and services into laboratories for the Royal Mint, MOD and other prestigious clients. 

The Group continues to grow and provide an innovative service delivery, with recent innovations providing Machine Learning into industry, and scientific process analysis to support business case development - ensuring continued adherece to the company vision delivering unbeatable products and services in digital, process, technology and business transformation.

From the early beginnings as a systems integrator to a turnkey digital transformation organisation, CHG Group cover the whole project lifecycle. Boasting best-in-class products and services with an innovative customer-centric approach, our aim is to be your first thought for technology enabled business transformation.